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Anna Knight
Artist | Photography
Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: K-pop
Favourite style of art: Pop, gothic
MP3 player of choice: MuVo Creative Mp3 player
Favourite cartoon character: Rei Kon (Beyblades)
Personal Quote: I'll try being nicer, if you try being smarter
  • Listening to: Stockholm Syndrome
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...again!
  • Drinking: Mogu Mogu
I've already done this quiz before, but I wondered what a year and a half has done for my love. So let's give it a shot.

a)character meme for Beyblade:
1) The first character I fell in love with - In retrospect Kai has always been that the one for me. He's just such an ass, and he's so deep and you really have no idea the real reason for his stand-offishness. It's probably a matter of being drawn to the most complex character in terms of what we've been given.

2) The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Rick. He was such an ass, but he's a sexy ass! and Bryan. He's just wonderful, but he gets completely shunned by the Beyblade producers in terms of plot device. He has such a juicy back story. I mean they centre in on Julia and Raul's boring back story, why shouldn't they give Bryan a little love!

3) The character everyone else loves that I don't - Um, I'm fairly mainstream here. I can't think of anyone I hate that everyone else loves. In terms of characters I don't like would definately be Mariah and Daichi.

4) The character I love that everyone else hates - Ming Ming, she makes me laugh. I loved it when she kicked boy butt!!

5) The character I used to love but don't any longer - Probably Max. The has dulled, not to say I hate him. He's just not as shiny anymore.

6) The character I would shag anytime - Johnny. Go the Scots!!

7) The character I'd want to be like - Probably Tala. Strong, passionate and icy when we wants to be.

8) The character I'd slap - Probably Kai for all the times he makes everyone sad by leaving.

9) A pairing that I love - KaRe. All the way. I don't think time or distance is going to change that

10)A pairing that I despise - Probably still TyKa. more so than I hate KaTy which makes just a little more sense... though not much

b)pairing meme for Beyblade exe:

1)My OTP, and why (in 100 words or less) - KaRe. Because they have these beautiful dynamics and a couple to me has to have gentleness to it and Kai really doesn't ever show any sort of thought to other people's feelings besides Rei. I think that the only person who can really get under Rei's skin and hype him up and get him excited is Kai and the only person Kai doesn't feel embarassed or uncomfortable to anything other than surly with, is Rei.

2)The pairing I find easiest to write - In Beyblades? KaRe. Feeling a passion for the characters and the way they work together certainly helps in this respect.

3)The pairing I wish I *could* write - Bryan/Rei, I always end up making Bryan really silent and bitchy unfortunately

4)The pairing I would like to see more of (canon/fanworks) - Probably Johnny/anyone. Lol I love pairing him with randoms. Rei seems to fit in really nicely as his uke too, so shame on me.

5)The pairing I think is the most well-written - KaRe, merely because there are a lot of really talented writers who follow the pairing so it gets some really good talent circulating within it.

6)The pairing I would never touch with a ten-foot pole though it is popular, and why not - TyKa, still. It's gross

7)The pairing which makes absolutely no sense to me at all (canon/fanworks) - Spencer/Ian. still bizarre lol

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